Body to Body Massage Centre in Delhi

Feel the new meaning of the massage at the Body to Body Massage Spa Center Delhi where we are expecting you with the offer of numerous classic and exotic massages. Only massage leads to a complete relaxation of the mind and body by eliminating stress, ejection of toxins from the skin, and muscle tension.

Classical massage

Base massage from which the techniques of all other massages come
The movement is moderately firm, and is carried out by rubbing, crushing and cracking.

Reduces stress and improves blood flow

Depending on the client’s desire, a certain part of the body is massaged (back, arms, abdomen, legs)

Sport massage

One of the more aggressive massages is therefore recommended to athletes
Deep deep movements, which relax muscles, reduce spasms and myogloboses

Aroma massage

Massage a pleasant, soothing touch carried out with the addition of essential oils, all for the purpose of relaxation. Massage uses top decleor oil for massage

Antistress massage

With relaxing background music and a relaxing massage, we accumulate accumulated stress

Facial massage

A pleasing massage that improves circulation, tension of the skin, removes headaches and helps in the prevention of wrinkles

Anti-cellulite massage (stomach, gluteus, legs)

A massage technique that is carried out slowly and with strong movements with a special anti-cellulite oil, followed by peeling with towel and lubrication with anti-cellulite cream
It leads to skin tension, ejection of excess fluid from the body, reduction of cellulite and relaxation

Four-handed massage (classic or anti-stress) NEW IN OFFER

A massage in which the client leaves the harmonious movements of the two therapists
The client can choose between two massage techniques, all for the purpose of relaxation, removal of tension and pain in the muscles

Massage in pairs

By combining various massage techniques, you can relax in a pleasant abyert with your dear person
At the service are two therapists who approach each client individually

Indian massage

It is carried out simultaneously with relaxing and stimulating movements
In addition to the warm Thalgovo oil, a special Thalgian balm is used, which is placed on the stimulating spots on the body, and brings the body to a complete relaxation and unification of the mind and body

Hot stone massage

Perfect for combining gentle movements, scented oils and warm stones.
This massage has an extraordinary effect of drainage and ejection of harmful substances, it works beneficially against stress, tension and muscle contraction, poor circulation, various rheumatic conditions, back pain, anxiety, insomnia and depression.

Massage for pregnant women

Pleasant and gentle massage will relieve pregnancy problems such as sore and leg pain, reduce tension, feeling swollen and insomnia and improve circulation to future mothers.

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